We are looking forward to celebrating Purim with you in just under a month on March 23rd and 24th.

Purim holds a special significance as a time of Community, Friendship and celebration of our Jewish Identity. This is expressed through the tradition of listening to the story of Purim, exchanging food gifts with others, extending generosity to those in need and participating in a festive meal. This year, we are excited to once again organize the "Purim Exchange", fostering unity within our community and fulfilling the mitzva of giving to those in need.

The objective of the Purim Exchange is to radiate joy, love, and unity throughout our community by giving Purim Gift Packages to participating families, individuals in need, and our young men and women on the front lines protecting our Holy Land. Your involvement in this initiative will play an important role in uniting and supporting our community and spreading the joyous spirit of Purim.

By contributing $250, your family's name will be included on the “Givers List” in every Purim Gift Package distributed. A donation of $360 will include you on the “Givers List” as well as help us bring joy of Purim to our soldiers serving in the IDF. A contribution of $750 or $1800 will be included in the “Givers List” and co-sponsor/sponsor this year’s “Purim in Israel” celebration in the Palisades.

Click here to be a part of it! 

The deadline to join the Purim Exchange is March 15th. We appreciate your support & encourage you to join us in this project, helping us spread joy and love within our community & for our heroes in the land of Israel.

Let’s come together to make this Purim one to remember!
Wishing you a happy and joyous Purim,

Rabbi Zushe Cunin
Executive Director

Rabbi Avi Cunin
Community Development