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We are rapidly approaching the joyous holiday of Purim (March 9-10). 

We are once again reflecting on the true focus of the holiday, it’s powerful story, the miracles that led to the salvation of the Jewish People and the happiness it brings.

Once again, we invite you to be a part of our innovative and meaningful program “The Community Purim Basket '' which was warmly received last year with great success. We hope you will join us in this fun and inclusive project.

The theme of Purim is Community. In addition to hearing the Megillah, the Purim traditions are fulfilled through uniting and sharing with others. The festive meal, the giving of charity, and the gifts of food baskets to friends.

 In addition to our annual important and encouraged drive for charity to be distributed to the needy and to Israeli soldiers. - We would like to inspire EVERYONE to unite in this opportunity to be included in the giving (and receiving) of Shalach Manot. To accomplish this, we are asking that each family gives a donation of $180. This will put your family name on our “Givers List”. This “Givers List” will be included in EVERY Shalach Manot basket we distribute. So, by donating $180 you are able to give a gift to everyone who chooses to be included in this initiative. 

Now, we know that GIVING is also the greatest way to RECEIVE, so everyone on the Givers list will also be receiving a Shalach Manot basket. By doing the Mitzvah in this way, we are able to unite our community, and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be included in this unique mitzvah in a meaningful way!  Click HERE to be a part of it!


SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - ROARING 20’S PURIM PARTY!  Click HERE for party details!