CTeen U offers college-accredited courses on the tenets of Judaism. 
Students can take the courses over 3 years and earn up to 12 college credits, 2 credits per course.

Since 2018, CTeen U is a joint initiative of Yeshiva University and the Chabad Teen Network.

Yeshiva University is the world’s premier Jewish institution for higher education. It is home to a network of undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate programs offer a unique dual curriculum comprising Jewish studies and liberal arts, sciences, and business courses.

With over 700 chapters in 58 countries on 6 continents, CTeen, the Chabad Teen Network, is the fastest-growing network of Jewish teens.

CTeen U’s relevant and engaging curriculum on the tenets of Judaism cultivates a strong sense of purpose and Jewish identity.

In the upcoming Cteen U Jewish Wellness course, starting October 2023 we’ll be tackling one of the greatest secrets of all times: How to be the best you. This course is founded on the authoritative work on the anatomy of the soul and its mission, the Tanya.

Stress balls are like bandaids. They help our teens relieve their stress… temporarily. But what if we can gift our teens something bigger? 

We are not talking airpods (wearing them today, gone tomorrow) or the newest fashion piece (so yesterday). We are talking really big. The long-lasting type that sticks around for longer than gum on the bottom of your shoe.

Well, here’s your opportunity to give your teen a great confidence-boosting, guilt-exterminating, resilience-building, self-love-motivating experience. Now how’s that for a great gift?

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