We are looking forward to hosting a variety of CKids Workshops throughout the year.
Building on our experience with the safety guidelines and protocols both at PJECC and at Camp Gan Izzy, we look forward to the year ahead. We will be implementing all the social distance guidelines and extra safety precautions to keep your children safe. CKids Workshop groups will be limited in size and take place outdoors..
The following are the precautions we will be taking to ensure everyone's safety and health. 
1.  Health Screening: Prior to sending your child, we will ask you to quickly fill in an online form that tells us that your child is fever-free and has not been in contact with anyone with COVID19. If your child has symptoms or has been exposed, we will ask you to wait until your child is tested or the symptoms resolve and are most likely not COVID19. We will also be taking temperatures upon entry.
2. Mask Wearing: We ask all our teachers and students to wear masks at CKids Workshops. Children will be spread out more for snack-time than for learning, when their masks come off.
3. Social Distancing: We will be keeping each group as separate as possible. Children will be seated apart from one another, and spaced out with seating dots when sitting on the floor. Children will receive individual packs of supplies, and we will sanitize any shared supplies between uses. Food will be individually packaged snacks.
4. Arrival and Dismissal: Parents or caregivers will be allowed to join CKids Workshops if they stay with their children. Drop-off and pick-up will be by the parking lot gate at which time the temperatures will be taken. Attendees will immediately be asked to wash their hands. The playground will be closed and parents are asked to drop off their child no earlier than 10:25am.
5.  Hand Hygiene: We will have hand sanitizer in each class area. Children will wash hands with soap and water upon entry and before eating and also use sanitizer when necessary.
6.  Increased Cleaning: Staff will have spray and wipes to constantly wipe the shared surfaces in the workshop area.