Image result for bar mitzvahtefillin Meaningful Bar Mitzvah for Him

Bar Mitzvah preparations are made easy and meaningful with our veteran instructors, ensuring your child will feel confidant and ready to lead the Bar Mitzvah Service and understand its meaning and responsibility.

The Bar Mitzvah Student Will:

  • Be well prepared for their big day and understand the meaning and lessons represented in the day.

  • Happily enjoy their pre-Bar Mitzvah preparations.

  • Learn to chant the Blessings before and after the Haftarah, Torah and/or Havdalah chanting.

  • Learn to chant the Haftarah, Torah and/or Havdalah portions for the assigned Shabbat in the traditional Trop (tune).

  • Learn significant parts of the Prayer and Shabbat services.

  • Understand content of the Torah, Haftorah & Havdalah service.

  • Write a beautiful and meaningful speech that explains what becoming a Bar Mitzvah means to them using a lesson learned from his Torah Portion.

There are several ways to celebrate this special occasion to honor your child. Please contact us to discuss the best way for you and your child.

The Saturday Morning Service

This service takes place Saturday morning from 10:00am – 12:30pm. It offers the opportunity for the Bar Mitzvah to read from the Bimah –Torah Reading Table, to recite selected prayers through-out the service and to recite a speech.

The Saturday Afternoon Mincha Service 
This service offers the opportunity for the Bar Mitzvah to lead selected parts of the service, to recite their speech and then continue with the Havdalah ceremony.