IMG_1595.JPG Bat Mitzvah Club

An exploration of Jewish womanhood 
What does becoming Bat Mitzvah mean in 2017?

An eye-opening spectacular course for 11 and 12 year old girls 


Highlights of the course include:

  1. Workshops, Debates and Jewish Research Project
  2. Trips to Jewish & Kosher LA
  3. Mother & Daughter Challah Bake
  4. Spirited Family Shabbaton
  5. A Heartwarming Ceremony & Celebration
  6.  Our showstopping curriculum sees our girls explore our tradition and culture, the Jewish life cycle series, the role of Jewish women, leadership and community.  They will also explore personal growth, dealing with challenges and relationships. 

Our girls visit Kosher restaurants, synagogues, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, a Mikvah – Jewish ritual bath, enjoy a Challah bake with their Moms, cook and deliver meals for the needy, enjoy a spirited Family Shabbat dinner and group Shabbaton, and culminate the year with an inspiring and nachat-filled ceremony and celebration.