_MG_5120.JPG Our mission at Palisades Hebrew School is to give every Jewish child on the Westside access to a quality Jewish education in a nurturing environment. Through our engaging and innovative heritage , and highly revered and developed Hebrew language program. We have been mastering this program since 1993.

Here at the Palisades Hebrew School we believe that the best way for students to learn is by experiencing things on there own. We provide students with festivals and life cycle celebrations so our students may develop their own understanding of Judaism that is relevant, meaningful and alive to them.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our curriculum and programming are constantly being developed promoting an unparalleled, leading-edge after-school learning experience. We have been mastering our program since 1993.

27 Joy-filled years at the Palisades Hebrew School has built a strong Jewish community within our walls. That has empowered out students with strong jewish Identities and values, that lay way as stepping stones for life.