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Saturday, June 11 | 10:45 PM
17315 Sunset Blvd

• Presentations by community members
• Coffee & Refreshments will be served

We're gonna pull an all-nighter!

The Jewish people fell asleep right before the Torah was to be given by G‑d, We won't make the same mistake. We will follow the custom of Jewish communities the world over and stay awake until early morning studying fascinating Torah subject.

This year we have an unprecedented line up of tantalizing topics for your learning pleasure and delight. Each topic will be presented by a different individual in the community. Each presentation will be 10 minutes long and will provoke discussion and participation.

Some of our presenters this year:

  • Keith Boesky
  • Eddie Bernstein
  • Samantha Bernstein
  • Will Bernstein
  • Daniel Field
  • Eva Field
  • Ilana Green
  • Sam Melamed 
  • Alice Nesselrodt
  • Afsi Parzivand
  • Jackie Parzivand
  • Jack Pekelis

Topics Include: Torah & Technology, Torah & Medicine, Torah & History, Our Purpose, "Why I chose to join the IDF", The Name Israel, and many more...

If you would like to share a presentation please contact Zisi Cunin at zisi@chabad.com or 310-454-7783.